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We know that all of our customers have dozens of options when choosing a repair shop.  Before making that decision, we believe it is important to ask a few questions to make sure that the shop is right for you.

What is their warranty?

It is important to ask if your repair facility has a warranty, and ask whether it will cover both parts and labor.  It is also important to ask how long does the warranty will last.  If a shop does not guarantee their work for any period of time, you may want to proceed with caution.  If they don’t believe in their work, why should you?
Is the shop AAA certified?

AAA has strict standards when qualifying repair shops to be part of their network.  If a shop you are looking into has been certified by AAA, this most likely means that they are of a higher standard.  If AAA trusts the shop enough to associate itself with the shop’s reputation, it most likely means that the shop has had a high enough quality of work to have earned it.

Does the shop employ ASE master certified technicians?

ASE stands for Automotive Service excellence, and is a non-profit that focuses itself on testing automotive professionals to make sure that they have the highest level of repair standards.  If a shop is strict enough to only employ master level ASE certified technicians, this means that they are dedicated to maintaining a high quality standard of repair.  Also, don’t simply ask if all of the technicians are certified.  If a shop has done its due diligence and ensured that all of its technicians are certified, all of their credentials should be displayed proudly at the shop.
Is the shop in good standing with the BBB and are there any valid complaints against it?

Most business professionals have heard of the BBB, or Better Business Bureau.  The BBB is a non-profit organization committed to providing unbiased evaluations of local businesses.  This is also a method in which customers and other businesses can lodge formal complaints against companies, which means that if a business has a high rating and no valid complaints lodged agains them, they are most likely operating at a greater standard of quality.

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