Car check up

Whether leaving to visit family, check out a new camping site or maintain a family tradition, many people travel out of town during major holidays.  Something to keep in mind if you are going to be driving during the holidays is to make sure that your car is ready!  Most car repair shops are closed for major holidays, so if you have car trouble far away from home you may find yourself incurring major costs to tow and wait to have your car repaired (not to mention that it can ruin your holiday!) Here are a few major things to check out before you plan on traveling.

The Basics

There are a number of different elements that keep your car running efficiently, and a few of them you can check yourself!  Get a tire gauge and make sure your tires are running at the correct pressure.  Also, check the tread and make sure it passes “The Penny Test“.  Then, pop open your hood and check your oil.  Most oil dip sticks have a handy line that shows if your oil is at the proper level – remember to look at the color.  If it is turning muddy and brown or running low it is time to get it changed!  Also check out your windshield wipers.  You don’t want to get caught in a rainstorm with dry, cracked or poor quality wiper blades.

Thorough Inspection

If it’s been awhile since you took your car in to be checked out, it might be a good idea to have a quick inspection before taking off for that holiday trip.  Take your car in to a local shop and have them give it a thorough inspection.  If they don’t find anything, the cost is worth the peace of mind, and if they do, you may be saving yourself from having major problems down the road!

Odd Noises & Other Symptoms

Have you been ignoring an odd noise coming from your car for awhile? Before you travel, make sure to take it to your local repair shop and get it checked out.  The best (and most cost effective) repairs are caught and fixed early on, before a problem gets too bad.

It is best to keep your car in its best working order at all times, because the earlier you diagnose a problem, the earlier you can get it repaired.  Remember to get your car checked out before any major trips, and have a happy holiday!

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